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September 9, 2020

With the generous support of our partner organization the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation, the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute (BHCRI) is pleased to introduce the newest recipient of a Cancer Research Training Program (CRTP) award. The Cancer Research Training Program annually supports approximately 40 trainees pursing cancer research within Atlantic Canada. The program brings together a broad spectrum of research, where trainees can discuss their work and interact with peers. To date, BHCRI has awarded over $268,000 in stipend support to seven graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Université de Moncton. Through the CRTP, trainees have access to a curriculum designed to expose trainees to all aspects of cancer research, and they are provided with opportunities to hear from cancer survivors and a range of health-care professionals caring for cancer patients. The Cancer Research Training Program is unique in both its breadth and regional scope, supporting all types of cancer research being conducted at universities and health centres in Atlantic Canada. CRTP trainees also have the opportunity to serve on BHCRI committees, providing them with opportunities to develop leadership skills, gain an appreciation of decision making processes such as peer review and contribute to the overall operation of BHCRI. Through CRTP, trainees are able to meet others with whom they might not otherwise connect, and have gained new colleagues. “This program is a good opportunity for graduate students working on cancer in Atlantic Canada to meet and exchange with other research groups on a regularly basis to improve their knowledge in all aspects of cancer research. It provides funding, mentorship and resources to support students to achieve their aims”, says Dr. Sandra Turcotte, Patric’s supervisor. NBHRF is proud to partner with BHCRI in this effort”, adds Ms. Leah Carr, NBHRF’s Director of Research Programs and Human Development.

Building careers, locally and globally

CRTP trainees have gone on to varied professions including medicine, careers in industry and academia and can be found across the globe. For CRTP Alumnus Jason Harquail (CRTP 2013 – 2016), “the CRTP gives trainees the opportunity to network and learn from the best while offering the resources both financially and through mentorship to encourage and nourish high quality work in all aspects of cancer research”. After completing his PhD in Biochemistry, Jason was presented an opportunity to intern as a clinical research coordinator at Georges-Dumont University Hospital Centre. Armed with both clinical skills and biochemistry background, Jason recently secured a position as an R&D biochemist with Organigram, a Moncton-based company. CRTP Alumna Roxann Guerrette (CRTP 2016 – 2018) is a Senior Scientist at DynamiCure Inc in Cambridge Massachusetts, where she is responsible for creating antibody therapies for cancer and SARS-COV-2.

Our Congratulations

Patric Page is a recipient of a 2020 CRTP Graduate Studentship Award with funds provided by GIVETOLIVE and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation. The award will provide stipend support for the next two years, while Patric completes his PhD. For Patric, “I think that one of the biggest strengths of the CRTP is the opportunities to build relations and collaborations with other scientists and students who also work in the field of cancer.” “The funding received from BHCRI help to invest more money towards my research which gives me a chance to try different experiments and protocols.” To learn more about Patric’s the research, please visit the BHCRI website.

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