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We fund research projects across health, energy, forestry, agriculture and ocean sectors in New Brunswick.
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Growing and Expanding Opportunities for Research in New Brunswick

Strategic Opportunities Fund

The purpose of this fund is to build research capacity in New Brunswick via participation in large, multi-jurisdiction applied research projects. These projects have high potential impact, both in and outside of New Brunswick,

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Talent Recruitment Fund

Our program supplements institutional investments with a focus on applied research. It provides researchers with resources needed to accelerate their recruitment of graduate students, ability to leverage additional funds, and undertake applied research activities.

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Lab-to-Market Fund

Supports the advancement of innovations to real-world applications. This includes projects where a technology has a strong potential for commercialization, or address a specific need identified by a knowledge translation partner.

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Emerging Projects Fund

Opening Fall 2024 - Supports projects that transform ideas into innovations – essentially research in its earliest stage. The intent of the Emerging Projects Fund is to provide funding to pursue new ideas with potential to grow into bigger, collaborative projects or technology/knowledge transfer opportunities

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Research Assistantships Initiative (RAI)

Opening Fall 2024 - A joint initiative with the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor (PETL). It provides applied researchers funding to hire undergraduate and graduate student research assistants.

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Equipment Fund

Round 1: Summer 2024 - Aims to increase the province’s applied research capacity by supporting the purchase of equipment.

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Research Professionals Initiative (PRI)

Opening Fall 2024 - A joint initiative with the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor (PETL). It provides applied researchers the opportunity to apply for funding to hire research professionals to work in their labs or to support their research programs.

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Partners Matching Fund

ResearchNB has partnership agreements with many other funding agencies. Researchers apply to the partner agency. If they are successful, ResearchNB will contribute a portion of the total grant or award.

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Strategic Initiative Grant

Designed to leverage financial contributions from organizations in the private sector and certain national funding agencies including health charities.

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Research-Related Support Fund

Intended to assist in the design, development, presentation and execution of research by funding in whole or in part research-related expenses.

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Bridge Grant

Designed to build on existing research capacity in New Brunswick by providing support for health researchers who have scored at the fundable level on a recent application to any national funding agency but have not been funded for that application.

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Establishment Grant for New Investigators

Intended to support the establishment of outstanding new health researchers in New Brunswick by providing funding to enable them to establish their independent health research programs.

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Knowledge Translation Grant

Intended to support capacity building by helping defray costs associated with KT as lead author or presenter at a conference or other professional meeting outside of Atlantic Canada.

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2025 Undergraduate / Medical School Summer Studentships

Opening: October 2024 - Designed to encourage undergraduate students to pursue formal post-graduate training and a career in health research in New Brunswick by offering a salary stipend to participate in medical or health research at a New Brunswick institution. 

Master’s / Doctoral / Post-Doctoral Studentships / Fellowships

Aims to reward excellence by providing assistance to students undertaking their own research program or project as part of their dissertation or thesis at the Masters, doctoral or postdoctoral studies at a university, college or research institution in New Brunswick.

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2025 Clinical Scholarships

Opening: Summer 2024 - Designed to facilitate the recruitment and retention of qualified clinicians with a track-record of clinical health research in various clinical therapeutic areas.

Public Health Research Fund

Available to New Brunswick-based researchers through a partnership between the Department of Health and ResearchNB.

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