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Announcing Meaghan Seagrave: CEO of NBHRF and ED of BioNB

November 3, 2021

For Immediate Release

Fredericton, New Brunswick, November 3rd, 2021 – BioNB and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) welcome the joint appointment of Meaghan Seagrave in the role of CEO with the NBHRF and Executive Director with BioNB.

“The last two years has exposed systemic gaps in many sectors in our province,” said the NBHRF Chairperson, Tracy Clinch. “At the same time, there has been an increase in federal spending in both research and innovation. We know that impactful collaborations are more important than ever before to increase opportunities here in New Brunswick.”

To increase these research and innovation opportunities, the boards of the NBHRF and BioNB have decided to cross-appoint Ms. Seagrave as CEO of NBHRF and Executive Director of BioNB. As both organizations have strong operational teams, Ms. Seagrave will work to maximize resources and increase efficiencies to accelerate the growth of New Brunswick’s research and innovation ecosystem and demonstrate the impact health research can have in response to our province’s challenges.

“This appointment will help BioNB and the NBHRF support interprofessional research and innovation collaborations across a multitude of sectors, and to communicate the value and broad spectrum of research and innovation to the citizens of New Brunswick,” said BioNB Chairperson, David MaGee. “Research and innovation are foundational to the prosperity of our province.”

Through collaboration, we can build the research and innovation capacity in our province while increasing our competitiveness on a national level,” said Ms. Seagrave “This opportunity will allow BioNB and the NBHRF to respond to our province’s challenges by attracting and retaining those with the knowledge and expertise to develop local solutions that work for the people of New Brunswick.”

Ms. Seagrave plans to leverage the knowledge and expertise that both teams bring to the province. This will create better alignment in the research and innovation ecosystem which will support evidence-informed decisions related to health and economic priorities of the province. At the same time, researchers will be better positioned as transformational leaders in the evolution of an advanced innovation landscape.


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