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NBHRF simplifies requirements for two funding programs

January 16, 2023

Fredericton, New Brunswick – The New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) is making it easier to apply for funding under two of its programs.

“Our foundation wants New Brunswick researchers to be focused on what they do best: conducting health research that improves the quality of life of all New Brunswickers,” said NBHRF CEO Damon Goodwin. “These tweaks to two of our programs will reduce a bit of the administrative burden our researchers face and expand their partnership options.”

Strategic Initiative Grant Program Change

The NBHRF is changing the eligibility requirements under its Strategic Initiative Grant Program to include national funding agencies, such as national charities and the Tri-Council, as eligible matching partners. Private sector partners are already eligible.

The program is designed help health researchers use initial NBHRF funding to leverage funding from other partners. Grants of up to $150,000 are awarded based criteria available on the foundation’s website.

Partner’s Matching Fund Change

The NBHRF has partnership agreements with many other funding agencies as part of its Partner’s Matching Fund. When researchers successfully apply to these partner agencies, the NBHRF contributes a portion of the total grant or award.

The NBHRF is cutting the red tape associated with this fund by eliminating its application form. Researchers can now submit their application to the partner funding agency and the notification of award to the NBHRF by email in lieu of a formal application.

More information about the Partner’s Matching Fund is available on the foundation’s website.

About the NBHRF

The NBHRF is the voice of New Brunswick’s health research sector. It supports a wide range of research projects from the ground up by providing initial funding, critical guidance to researchers, connecting them to funding sources and expanding their network. Projects developed with the help of the NBHRF can change lives, strengthen the health care system, and lead to new innovative health care solutions, business practices and new products.


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