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Fredericton innovator ramping up production in new facility

September 29, 2023

FREDERICTON, N.B. – A Fredericton-based innovator is getting ready to ramp up production in response to the growing global demand for environmentally safe and effective pest management products in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

Andermatt Canada will open a new, state of the art production facility in February 2024. The facility will focus on reducing the company’s carbon footprint and implementing lean production practices.

Andermatt Canada develops, produces and exports biological alternatives to chemical pesticides, serving the international agriculture sector, and North American forestry industry. Launched in Fredericton in 2006, they’re a subsidiary of the larger Andermatt Group, which boasts more than 500 employees and is dedicated to replacing chemical pesticides with effective biological alternatives, such as microbial products, natural substances, beneficial insects and traps.

“Our slogan is, ‘Healthy food and healthy environment, for all,’ and we’re proud that our products present growers with an alternative for the future that helps increase food security,” said Laura Forbes, CEO of Andermatt Canada. “By being responsive to changing societal and industry needs, we’re putting New Brunswick on the map as a unique provider of products that have the potential to change the international agricultural and forestry industries for the better.”

Examples of their products include a bioinsecticide targeting the fall armyworm that devastates vital crops in Brazil and various countries in Africa, as well as a viral insecticide used to combat the spongy moth, Lymantria dispar, which impacts forests, including urban forests, in Canada and the United States.

“We’re incredibly proud of our targeted approach to pest-management that has the potential to gradually reduce society’s dependence on conventional pesticides,” said Sarah Murch, research and regulatory manager of Andermatt Canada. “We’re proud of our growing list of products and their ability to offer a healthier approach to growing food, which contributes to larger crop yields while keeping growers and consumers safe.”

In addition to their innovative products, Andermatt Canada’s strong focus on research and development is another contributor to the company’s success, made possible through strong partnerships with provincial universities, the provincial and federal governments, and other funders who continue to show support.

The company has been invited to present at the New Brunswick Research and Innovation Showcase, taking place in Ottawa on Oct. 4. Hosted by ResearchNB and Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin, the evening will spotlight some of the cutting-edge research happening in the province for some of Canada’s political leaders and other decision makers.

“Andermatt Canada is making groundbreaking advances in the agricultural and forestry sectors and we’re pleased to be able to showcase their innovations at our Ottawa event, enabling them to make important connections that will help them achieve even greater levels of success,” said Damon Goodwin, CEO of ResearchNB. “ResearchNB’s new mandate is making it possible to support bioscience research organizations like Andermatt in ways they, and N.B. companies like them, haven’t been supported before.”

ResearchNB is the province’s research and innovation enabler and was created through a recent merger of the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation and BioNB. Bringing the two organizations together as ResearchNB presents a more cohesive vision for research and innovation in New Brunswick. The board is made up of key players in the research sector, including representatives of industry, academia and government, and they work collaboratively to drive advancements for the benefit of New Brunswickers.


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