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New Brunswick Research and Innovation Showcase to spotlight NB expertise on Parliament Hill

October 3, 2023

FREDERICTON, N.B. – New Brunswick’s research and innovation sector will take centre stage on Parliament Hill Oct. 4, at a national showcase being presented by ResearchNB in partnership with Member of Parliament for Fredericton Jenica Atwin.

“New Brunswick researchers and innovators are making incredible discoveries on a regular basis that have the potential to positively impact the lives of people not only in our province, but around the world,” says Damon Goodwin, chief executive officer of ResearchNB. “We want to provide an opportunity for these talented visionaries to tell their stories to a national audience and make critical connections that can lead to even bigger impacts.”

The New Brunswick Research and Innovation Showcase will feature 16 researchers and innovators from the province’s health and bioscience sectors, promoting their expertise in artificial intelligence, oncology, ocean sciences, forestry, digital health, aging in place, and more.

“The New Brunswick Research & Innovation Showcase on the Hill is a truly exciting event, an opportunity to highlight the exceptional work taking place in my own province, and its impact across the Atlantic region, Canada, and multiple sectors,” says Atwin. “The leadership of the researchers in their respective fields is driving innovation and a reminder that we can be proud of everything that is accomplished in our small but mighty province!”

The following researchers and innovators will be participating in the showcase:

• Jon Sensinger, Ph.D., Director, Institute of Biomedical Engineering
• Sandra Magalhaes, Ph.D., Research Associate, New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data, and Training
• Andrien Rackov, Ph.D., Director of Research & Controlled Substances, Research & Productivity Council
• Ryan Cobb, Customer Experience Manager, LuminUltra Technologies
• Dr. Jalila Jbilou, Associate Professor, Université de Moncton
• Erin Riley, Registered Nurse & Healthcare Entrepreneur, Valley Healthcare
• Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, Ph.D., Professor and Registered Nurse, Université de Moncton
• Remi Richard, Director of Operations, Atlantic Cancer Research Institute
• Laura Forbes, Chief Executive Officer, Andermatt Canada
• Sarah Murch, Research & Regulatory Manager, Andermatt Canada
• Marion Tétégan-Simon, Ph.D., Research Director, Valores
• Michelle Cardoso, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Université de Moncton
• Wayne Albert, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of New Brunswick
• Dr. Houfar Sekhavat, Founder & Ophthalmologist, Triple Hair
• Jean-Philippe Gravel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Triple Hair

About ResearchNB

ResearchNB is the province’s research and innovation enabler and was created through a recent merger of the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation and BioNB. Bringing the two organizations together as ResearchNB presents a more cohesive vision for research and innovation in New Brunswick. The board is made up of key players in the research sector, including representatives of industry, academia and government, and they work collaboratively to drive advancements for the benefit of New Brunswickers.


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