Funding Optimization Project

Funding Optimization FAQs

February 13, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How can I participate in the planned focus groups?  

A: We cannot include everyone in the focus groups. We will be reaching out to institutional ORS teams, VPs and Faculty Deans to identify key representatives from each research area to participate. 


Q: I’ve heard of changes coming – what are these changes? 

A:  Our organization is currently in transition with the realignment of NBIF’s Applied Research team and mandate to ResearchNB, effective April 1, 2024.  NBIF and ResearchNB are committed to working together to ensure a smooth transition while continuing to support groundbreaking research.   


Q: Does this project mean existing programs at ResearchNB won’t be available to me as a researcher anymore? 

A: Funding for current programs will be maintained until the Optimization Project is complete and we’ve had a chance to hear from the research community.  Based on the feedback from researchers, we may make changes to existing programs to better meet the needs of researchers.  Some programs may be sunsetted if researchers do not find value in them.   

As we move through this process, you may notice some minor changes to our current funding programs. We will post all the changes to our website, through our social media channels and will be keeping ORS teams informed. 


Q: If I have already been notified of a decision from ResearchNB, will these changes affect my award? 

A: No, these changes will not affect any previous awards where you have already received notice of decision from ResearchNB. 


Q: When ResearchNB opens up funding to other sectors, does this mean there will be less funding for health researchers? 

A: It is our goal to preserve programs for health research funding and expand funding for some programs that will serve all priority sectors. We expect the amount of funding ResearchNB will be distributing will increase, however, it should be expected that the competition for grants will also increase.   


Q: I would like to apply for a ResearchNB grant – should I be applying now or should I wait? 

A: If the program is open on our website, you can apply. Any changes made to programs post-submission will not affect the application you have submitted, regardless of whether you have received notice of decision from ResearchNB. 

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