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Award-winning health innovation and translational researcher developing cancer and bone disease therapies.

Alli Murugesan, PhD

Alli has developed a groundbreaking ‘bee glue’ pre-clinical, blood cancer therapy.

As an academic research faculty at the University of New Brunswick, Dr. Murugesan has been developing a nature-inspired compound known as ‘bee glue molecule’ to treat blood cancers. This promising patented compound developed by her in collaboration with Dr. Touiabia (UdeM) and Dr. Reiman (UNB), as well as UNB, DMNB, and MtA students, has the function to kill blood cancer cells more efficiently than the current chemotherapy drugs being used.

With a PhD in biotechnology and two postdoctoral fellowships in neuroscience and oncology, Dr. Murugesan is an expert in identifying, isolating, characterizing, and evaluating proteins and organic molecules from plants and natural products. Her research focuses on developing these into novel therapeutics against cancer and its associated bone diseases, with a particular emphasis on myeloma and lymphoma. She is a serial inventor and her work has been recognized nationally with the prestigious 2018 Mitacs Global Impact Entrepreneur Award.

Alli is also the founder of BioHuntress Therapeutics Inc. which helps academic researchers take their findings to market much more quickly by identifying ideas that can be commercialized. She believes the true value of research is when that collective hard work translates into a drug or product that can benefit society.

Her research has already led to groundbreaking discoveries, and we can expect more life-saving therapies to come from her interdisciplinary research in the future.

Research projects with impact:
Alli Murugesan in her research lab

Bee-glue research offers promising
treatment for blood cancers

Blood cancers can be challenging to treat and have a significant impact on the quality of life of patients, from elderly individuals to young children. In recent years, Dr. Alli Murugesan has been leading collaborative research focused on developing a novel treatment for blood cancers using the potent bee-glue molecule, known as caffeic acid phenethyl ester analogue.

Dr. Murugesan’s research on this compound has already resulted in a publication in the American Chemical Society (ACS) Editors’ Choice Article in 2020 and a Canadian patent in the same year. Recently, her work has been recognized with the Health Research Excellence Award by the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) in 2022, which will allow her to continue to advance this promising area of cancer research.

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