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The CFMNB contributes to the development of health research in the province by funding initiatives, promoting its successes, collaborating with various stakeholders and organizations, and training students who will contribute to the research culture in New Brunswick.

Over the past seven years, the CFMNB’s research endeavours have undergone significant development which has led to recognition at the local, national, and international levels. In 2022, nearly 2.5 million dollars in funding allowed successful execution of 49 research projects in various disciplines that were supported through residency initiatives, preceptorships, Ph.D. studies, M.Sc. programs.

CFMNB’s research projects address a wide range of topics to reflect the versatile nature of healthcare challenges and solutions. CFMNB researchers are dedicated to exploring areas of medical treatment and technologies as well as public health issues and the healthcare system. Beyond publications, CFMNB’s contributions to research also extend to training to the next generation of medical professionals through the opportunity to participate in research projects. With diverse research, exceptional funding support, and an emphasis on the intersection between education and mentorship, CFMNB plays a crucial role in the improving New Brunswick’s medical landscape.



Provide the means to excel in research.

The CFMNB plays a key role in the community and with its partners. The CFMNB capitalizes on and builds upon strategic partnerships.

Stimulate research interest

The CFMNB provides support to experienced researchers. The CFMNB contributes to the development of a health research culture.

Be a leader in NB research.

Researchers affiliated with the CFMNB also play key roles in research networks provincially, nationally, and globally. The CFMNB strives to attract talent in order to continue to grow this recognition of the CFMNB through the quality of its innovative research and its impact on society.

Quality, innovative research and training to impact New Brunswick.

The CFMNB contributes significantly to the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge, the dissemination of knowledge, the creation of jobs in the province, and the reduction of costs associated with improving the health and well-being of New Brunswickers. Advances in health research have resulted in increased collaboration between researchers from different institutions, more research projects, and more publications. Multiple initiatives have also been put in place by the CFMNB to support and maintain the development of French-language research in New Brunswick.

Discussion among a group of researchers and medical professionals

Masters and Doctoral Research Programs in Health Sciences

The CFMNB offers the Université de Sherbrooke’s Master’s and Doctoral Research Programs in Health Sciences, mostly at the Moncton campus of the Université de Moncton.

Health Research Funding Programs

DUO Health Research Funding Program

The research funding available through the DUO program targets collaborations between clinicians and university researchers. By promoting the development of collaborative research, the Centre for Medical Education of New Brunswick, Vitalité Health Network and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation wish to stimulate research activities that have the potential to lead to innovations or improvements that benefit patients.

Academic Unit program for Vitalité Health Network physicians

The Vitalité Health Network Physician Research Academic Unit Program is designed to support the development of research at the CFMNB as well as the academic mission of Vitalité Health Network.

CFMNB Knowledge Transfer Fund

The Knowledge Transfer Fund of the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick aims to support the dissemination and adoption of knowledge as well as the development of research. These funds support researchers, clinicians, students, residents and research professionals who have a direct link to the CFMNB.

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