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Public health expert, researcher, and professor – a leading figure in health system management.

Jalila Jbilou, MD PhD

Jalila’s research focuses on primary care models for disease prevention and
management of comorbid psychological and physical chronic diseases.

Jalila Jbilou is a distinguished public health specialist and professor at Université de Moncton with a medical education in public health.

Dr. Jbilous’ educational emphasis on public health has guided her research career in the field of communityhealth. Her research aims to improve the health of specific populations with unique but prevalent daily challenges. One such research initiative is the Truckers Health Adaptive Technology project which strives to provide accessible primary health care services to truckers across New Brunswick.

Dr. Jbilou has earned multiple acknowledgments and funding grants for her research in the public health field. Her expertise in digital health, health economics, and population health has established her position as leading researcher in health systems management and preventative medicine.

Her research investigates the efficacy of eHealth solutions with a special focus on sub-populations of men and seniors.

Research projects with impact:
Photo of the clinic helping truck drivers

Unique clinic improves primary care access for truck drivers.

The TH@CLINIC aims to improve access to integrated and personalized primary care for truckers using remote patient monitoring.

Dr. Jbilou observed the challenges that men face in accessing medical care over the course of her career. Through this project, Dr. Jbilou and her team are now making physical, mental health, and social service supports accessible to truckers while on the road. The project was launched in the fall of 2022 and is yielding positive results. Dr. Jbilou is actively working on scaling up the TH@CLINIC from a demonstration project to a systemic practice to improve access to primary care to workers from similar industries as well as community dwelling seniors and citizens in rural and remote areas.

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truck driver in the cab of truck

Research builds a foundation for better health care delivery.

The Truckers’ Health Improvement Strategy (T.H.I.S.) program was a pilot program aiming to deploy health platforms and connected medical tools for the Truckers’ Health Adaptive Technology project.

The project aimed to address health and wellness issues among truck drivers by identifying efficient ways of delivering health care services tailored to their unique needs and lifestyle.

Dr. Jbilou and her team conducted extensive research during this pilot program including structured discussions, literature review, and comprehensive health surveying among the trucking community and aimed to produced feasible and effective recommendations based on their findings.

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