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The future of research in NB.

Research and innovation for a thriving New Brunswick.
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We're ResearchNB.

We’re building a brighter future for our province. A streamlined research and innovation ecosystem changes lives – a healthier population, stronger resource sectors and more resilient economy benefits all New Brunswickers.


The pivotal role of ResearchNB in our research ecosystem.

From attracting researchers and clinical talent to creating opportunities for New Brunswick’s research ecosystem – we facilitate the complex critical connections research needs to be successful from the ground up.

The purpose-driven research we promote changes lives, strengthens healthcare systems, and leads to innovative practices and products. Together, we’re shaping a thriving research ecosystem that empowers New Brunswick to reach its full potential.

Fund Research

We fund intentional research projects across health and bioscience sectors in New Brunswick.

Support Innovation

We promote industry-leading practices that keep us at the forefront of modern research and healthcare.

Encourage Collaborations

We act as the catalyst to create win-win collaborations within the province research ecosystem and attract new partners.

Promote Research Excellence

We put New Brunswickers first, always - leveraging our unique attributes to create new research and investment opportunities.



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Join us for Health Research Week – the event that puts the spotlight on health research happening right here in New Brunswick. Dive into engaging discussions, learn from top-notch speakers, and get inspired by the innovation in our province. It’s more than just an event – it’s where NB’s health future begins.

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Research is transforming health care.
New Brunswick woman in wheelchair receiving health care at hospital

Research happening here has a direct impact on the lives of our citizens.

From groundbreaking discoveries to a better healthcare system, research and innovation benefit New Brunswickers. Our province’s researchers have made significant strides in areas like cancer treatment and senior care, unveiling innovative approaches to improving the quality of life for our residents.

By investing in research, we are shaping a future where cutting-edge healthcare solutions are readily accessible, providing hope and fostering well-being for our communities.

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A sustainable bioeconomy for future generations.
Scientists on the deck of a ship

A sustainable bio sector that helps New Brunswick grow.

New Brunswick has a burgeoning bioeconomy, paving the way for sustainable solutions in various industries. ResearchNB and our BioNB division contribute to research and early commercialization efforts, driving advancements in CleanTech, green chemistry, bio-based products, and novel food systems.

By harnessing our province’s research capabilities, we create a greener, more sustainable future for our citizens and the planet.

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Research projects with impact:


“We know health research makes a difference in the lives of New Brunswickers. . . Health research attracts researchers and other top health-care talent to our province. It helps train the next generation to ensure a continuing source of knowledgeable, competent researchers. It facilitates closer collaborations between policy and decision-makers, health-care professionals, researchers, and the community. Health research plays a major role in our provincial health plan.”

Hon. Bruce Fitch, Minister of Health, GNB
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